Website Services

CMS Website Development Solutions

CMS Services has partnered with MAYACO Marketing & Internet to provide the latest in seamless connectivity and fresh design platforms that meet the demanding technology resources CV requires yet provides any CMS staff with simple editing functionality as well to keep website content up-to-date.

Multiple design platforms are available, and are priced on three tier levels ranging from $3950 up to $9,950.  All three tiers include integration to CV for real-time searches in your Physician Finder.  Additional CV integration is available for easy-to-navigate new member applications and renewal processes, connectivity to your events module, and personalized member sign-in capability for access to confidential or member-specific only content.  All sites include complimentary creative design direction provided by CMS Services which can be incorporated into new marketing collateral at no additional charge.  Let CMS Services help concentrate all of your marketing efforts to support itself in appearance and messaging.