Partners for Success

Providing value to members of the California Medical Association and its component medical societies is considered to be the most effective strategy for enhancing membership growth and the vitality of our medical organizations. Currently, county medical societies must commit significant resources to fulfilling administrative and organizational obligations that reduce their capacity to engage in this strategy.  For many county medical societies, those obligations can be virtually all-consuming. Desiring to overcome this impediment, the CMA created a non-profit subsidiary organization – Component Medical Society Services – to administer the Partners for Success program with the following value-added services:

AMS Integration with Euclid’s Clear Vantage

Providing a stable and robust membership database platform continues to be a focus of CMA. With the addition of CMS Services, enhanced training and technical support services can be provided to help counties fully leverage the potential of an electronic association management system.

CMS / CMA Dues Processing & Depositing Services

Led by CMA’s qualified finance department and with the insight and oversight of several CMS executives, these administrative services are designed to significantly reduce annual CMS administrative costs.

CMS Professional Benefits & HR Services

CMS Services is currently exploring a wide variety of professional benefits for the shared use of participating CMSs. Potential services may include professional organizational memberships, professional HR consultative services and shared-cost legal services.

QuickBooks Accounting and Auditing Services

As another way to reduce significant administrative staffing costs; CMS Services is equipped to provide basic bookkeeping services to those counties for a nominal charge. Services will be provided by CMA’s team of professional staff accountants and overseen by a CPA.

Shared Membership Analytics and Best Practices

Providing timely, accurate and meaningful membership data and the sharing of county best practices is a foundational component of CMS Services and the Partners for Success program.

Executive Management Support and Assistance

Ongoing training and education is critical to the success of our CMS leaders and Partners for Success is committed to providing ongoing support in several significant areas.


Counties facing challenging scenarios without executive leadership may choose to engage CMS Services for interim management and guidance until the ideal solution presents itself.

Strategic Planning and Annual Budgeting Assistance

Development of annual marketing, membership, communication and budgetary plans are crucial to the success of professional association organizations. No cost assistance in these areas are provided by CMS Services staff, professional consultants and participating CMS executives.

Marketing Collateral, Publications, and Online Services

Professional design services are now available to all of our CMSs regardless of their marketing budget or size. This includes the development, design and production of direct mail campaigns, presentation quality flyers, postcards and brochures, and guidance with your annual directory or other unique project.

CMS Website Development Solutions

CMS Services has partnered with MAYACO Marketing & Internet to provide the latest in seamless  connectivity and fresh design platforms that meet the demanding technology resources we require and yet, provide your staff with simple editing functionality as well to keep your content up-to-date.